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Renovation For Your Dream House? Letí»s Work It Out!

Mar 16, 2019

Renovation? Let's work it out!
If you are looking to build your dream home from scratch by having your foundation, structural works & architectural works done for your new home, we can help! Our experienced team is committed to deliver top-notch workmanship and quality materials so that you get the best value possible
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Plaster Ceiling

Jan 2, 2019
Plaster Ceiling
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We are always there to assist, if you were seeking to improve your existing living hall/ bedroom view.

BY installing plaster ceiling, you will be able to HAVE
BEAUTIFYING the environment in various designs, such as Modern , Contemporary , Royalist...etc.
ENLARGE THE SPACE via lifting up ceiling level to the max with the proper way covering up all beams, wiring conduit, fan hook, A/C conduit ...etc
LIGHTING EFFECT which will give you a prefect level of brightness which not too bright or not too dark

Doní»t hesitate to leave us a message!

Rustic And Modern Interior Design

Oct 20, 2017
Rustic And Modern Interior Design
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Thinking to renovate/ build your dream house? Letí»s contact us now at 012-338 8478 for details. FREE consultation and quotation provided.

Make It Simple But Significant

Oct 16, 2017
Make It Simple But Significant
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Are you thinking to build/ renovate your dream house? Mettasia may be of help. Letí»s find out more about us at or contact us at 012-3388478 for details now! FREE consultation and quotation provided.

Personal Data protection Act 2010

Mar 31, 2015
Personal Data protection Act 2010
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To All Our Valued Customers/Suppliers/Employees and/or all other related persons whose data we may directly or indirectly retain,
Personal Data protection Act 2010
In light of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) which recently came into force, we are obliged to inform you of how your personal data is being processed. This is a widely-encompassing Act which covers any person who deals with personal data in commercial transactions.
Mettasia Construction Sdn. Bhd. is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers/suppliers/employees and we strive to provide a safe and secure business relationship. Kindly visit our website for a detailed description of our Privacy Policy which has taken the PDPA into consideration. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the policy so that you will have a better understanding of what we do with the personal data you provide us and your rights to those information.
As long as you continue to have a business relationship with us or even after our business relationship have satisfactorily concluded, your personal data remains safe in our keeping and that is a promise we will uphold.
If you have any questions, please email us at  We will be glad to help in any way we can.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Mettasia Construction Sdn Bhd

D'island Residence Land for Sale - Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Jan 30, 2015

Are you thinking to build your dream house but have no idea where to locate? 

We provide GREAT option for you! Let's have a view on the video shared here.

Location :
D'Island Residence, Taman Tasik Puchong

Address : 
No.40, Persiaran Utara, D'Island Residence, 47130, Puchong.

Land Size: 
23.5m (W) X 33.5m (L) / 8,578 sq. ft.

Land shape: 

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